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Program no. 3

- Duration: about two hours

- Arriving at Roški Slap Cascades: with your own car (from Laškovice or Miljevac)

Information recommended by Krka National Park professional stuff member 

- A visit to the Roški Slap Cascades.

Because of its favorable geographic position, the Roški Slap Cascades have always been a place where humans sought refuge. From the prehistoric times, when early man lived in Oziđana Cave, through the Roman period, when the bridge crossing the Krka River was built, to the turbulent Middle Ages symbolized by the fortresses of Kamičak and Rogovo on the opposite sides of the straits called "Među gredama", the watermill as a monument to vernacular architecture, and finally the era of industrialization and the construction of hydro-electric power plants and the development of tourism. Man has always been present at Roški Cascades. You walk today in his footsteps.

Did you know? In the Roman period times the area of the Roški Slap Cascades was in the territory of the XIth legion (Claudiae Piae Fidelis), located in the nearby Roman camp of Burnum. The land around it was awarded to Roman military veterans, as a reward for their military service.