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Program no. 4

- Duration: about 6 hours

- Arrival at Roški Slap: with your own car (from Laškovice or Miljevac)

Information recommended by Krka National Park professional stuff member 

- A visit to the Roški Slap Cascades

- Hiking along the educational-pedestrian path to Stinice, 8.5 km long

- Back on foot to the Roški Slap Cascades.

The Stinice - Roški Slap - Oziđana Cave path, once a forestry road, is today one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Croatia, equipped with educational information boards with detailed information about the special features of the Krka National Park. The walk along the trail will take two and a half to three hours, and next to you will alternate marshland, the green straits of the Krka canyon, the remains of the Kamičak fortress, a spectacular view of the island of Visovac, and, finally, the centuries-old forests of white hornbeam and downy oak in Stinice. There are ten instructive tablets on the trail – with information on the plant and animal species characteristic of the Krka National Park area, geological features, and cultural and historical sites – along with eight resting areas with benches.

Did you know? Precisely because of its special geomorphological structure, the strait  called Među gredama was chosen as the site where the most popular Indian chief, Winnetou, rode in popular films filmed in the 1960s and reproduced in 2016.