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  13.09.2021, 07:47h

Start autumn actively – take part in European Mobility Week

Krka National Park is joining the celebration of the European Mobility Week,

a manifestation that takes place from 16 to 22 September with the intention of raising public awareness about improving the quality of life through actively spending time outdoors.

From 16 to 22 September, visitors to the Skradin bridge – Skradinski buk waterfall educational hiking trails (4 km) and the Stinice – Roški slap waterfall – Oziđana pećina cave trail (8.5 km) will be entitled to a reduced ticket price at the Skradin bridge, Stinice and Roški slap reception points: from 65 kn for adults and 35 kn for children from seven to eighteen years old for the entire Park or 35 kn for adults and 25 kn for children from seven to eighteen years old only for the Roški slap waterfall site.

All interested for a guided educational hike Stinice - Roški slap waterfall – Oziđana pećina cave which will be held on 18 September can apply through the Krka NP Facebook page. Members of the Friends of the Krka Club have no additional cost, and the others have to purchase a ticket for locality Roški slap waterfall. The number of participants is limited.

The European Mobility Week event is organized by the European Union, Environment DG, with the aim of increasing public awareness and stimulating the activities of citizens against environmental pollution caused by increases in motorized traffic in urban areas, thereby improving the quality of life of residents of European cities. This year's European Mobility Week is held under the slogan Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility. This topic was chosen to pay tribute to the difficulties experienced by Europe and the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, and points to the need and possibility of change after this unexpected health crisis.

Take advantage of European Mobility Week to try out new forms of clean mobility, find solutions to current transport challenges and opportunities to move towards healthier and more sustainable mobility for cities across Europe. Mark the European Mobility Week actively by joining us in Krka National Park!