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3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This workshop is intended for preschool children and lower primary school grade pupils.

Today's consumerism, and the need to have everything that is offered to us on the market, creates the image of a society in which people only aim to buy something new. The workshop is conceived in a way to creatively use materials that would otherwise be categorised as waste. As various activities unfold, the educators of Krka National Park talk with the children about the importance of what they are doing, through simple and practical examples of environmental and nature protection. The activities that make this workshop and the recycled materials special include:

- making pearls out of shiny magazine pagers and making bracelets or necklaces,

- using plastic bags to make large flowers to serve as a decoration that can be work on a piece of clothing, on a handbag, as a bracelet, etc.,

- ironing plastic bags (with a household iron at medium temperature) to make a variety of useful things, such as handbags, protective cases for mobile phones, etc.),

- recycling matte newspaper with the additional of various harmless dyes in a household blender, in order to make sketches, various decorative shapes, and their ornamentation and painting.

Every object made is a lasting souvenir of the 3R workshop, and the time spent with the educators of Krka National Park. Children are delighted to take part, and to share their experiences from the workshop with their families and teachers, and of course, other children in their preschools and schools. In this way, children become ecologically aware of the importance of the process of recycling, so that when they are adults, they will act responsibly towards nature and participate in conserving the vital processes of biodiversity.