Glavni izbornik

Izdvojeni sadržaji

A drop for the falls

Workshop intended for pupils from the first to sixth grades.

Through PowerPoint presentations, children are educated about the significance of water for life on Earth, they learn about which areas are rich and water and which are poor, and what are the consequences for water shortages, especially drinking water.

After the lecture, children are divided into groups that have the task of making a water filter. Materials used to build the filters include fine and coarse sand, cotton, netting, elastic bands, charcoal and a plastic bottle. This gets children thinking, discussing and working in teams. After this, the filters are tested by releasing dirty water through them. The best filter is the one that has the cleanest water coming out of it.

This is followed by an educational and entertaining game: children, divided into groups, need to use scoops to scoop up water and carry it from one side of the playing field to the other without spilling a drop. Through this game, children are able to learn in a tangible way about how precious every single drop of drinking water is.

At the end of the workshop, children will receive the booklet Tragom vode (In search of water) and a set of books for primary school children.