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Bike routes


The bicycle routes in the area of the Krka National Park are defined so as to implement the entire cultural and historical heritage, along with the educational and recreational role of the Park.

Taking into consideration the complexity of the geographical relief through which the routes pass, as well as their length and height, fourteen basic cycling routes were designed. Depending on the distance and technical complexity of the bike routes, three types were proposed.

Download GPS trails for bike routes here.


Road route – Such routes are defined as riding road/sports bicycles on high-quality asphalt roads, or on routes with an above-average total length and varied height profiles. It is intended for active athletes searching for physically demanding sports challenges.

Infrastructure – Marked routes asphalt roads with moderate traffic density, with ascents and descents of varying difficulty that pass through interesting landscapes.

Target group – individuals and groups middle-aged and older.


Trekking & Family Routes – Trekking, mountain, or city bikes on asphalted roads and quality macadam roads, with mild ascents and descents without technically demanding sections for families with children and less active recreationists of all ages who want to enjoy nature.

Infrastructure – Marked routes on asphalt roads, macadam roads, and promenades. They most often pass through interesting destinations and other tourist attractions.

Target group – Families with children, occasional recreational cyclists, cycling tourists.


Mountain biking route – Mountain biking on well-groomed and unspoilt forest paths, with varied ascents and descents, which can be steep, for bikers with excellent physical condition and advanced bicycle management skills.

Infrastructure – Arranged and marked paths of varying lengths and technical complexity, which use main roads, asphalt roads, or wide macadam roads that pass through urban areas as little as possible.

Target group – Urban populations active in sports aged 20 to 60 years, couples, or small groups of visitors.