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Bilušića buk

The first in the series of seven waterfalls on the Krka River is the exciting Bilušića buk, found in the canyon just 9 km downstream of Knin.

The waterfall can be reached via the road Kistanje – Knin on the right bank, or the road Drniš – Oklaj from the Promina side. From the edge of the canyon, a trail runs 300 m towards the fall, and just after a dense grove of willows, the view opens onto Bilušića buk. Considering the fact that the entire flow of the Krka River flows over it all year round, it can be heard much sooner than it can be seen. Of the many mills and columns that were once found here, today only two mills and one washing columns remain at the fall, and the fall is surrounded by small fields where the locals grow vegetables. Due to the untameable strength of Bilušića buk, it was blasted on five occasions (in 1834, 1895, 1953 and 1954) in order to regulate the flow of the Krka River and to prevent the possibility of flooding of the Kninsko polje field.