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Burnum – amphitheatre and Krka Eco Campus in Puljane

Hidden in the heart of the Dalmatinska Zagora region, deep in the rocks and karst and overgrowth with macchia brush, stands a gem of ancient history: the Roman military camp Burnum.

It was erected at the turn of the new era, at a position that allowed for control of the passage across the Krka River. Burnum was the seat of the XI legion of the Roman army of Claudiae Piae Fidelis and IV legion of Flaviae Felix. Auxiliary units (cohorts) were stationed here in a small camp constructed in the eastern part of the complex.

Visitors can view the arches of the command building in the camp, the only military amphitheatre in Croatia (near the village of Ivoševci) and several walls of the military exercises area.

The archaeological artefacts dug up from this locality (weapons, tools, daily use items) are on display at Krka Eco Campus, opened in 2010. The locality and archaeological collection are open for visitors during the whole year. Burnum can only be reached by road.