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Give more for the bats

The workshop is intended for preschool children and children in lower primary school grades.

Bats are an exceptionally important part of global ecosystems, and indicators of a health environment. The importance of bats in nature is seen in the biological control of insect numbers, pollination of plants, and spreading plant seeds. The main causes of threat are habitat loss (excessive cutting of old trees with hollows, filling in caves, equipping caves for tourism purposes, coating wooden beams with toxic chemicals to protect wood), the use of pesticides, reductions in insect populations, disturbances, draining watercourses, water pollution and more.

Through the workshop “Give more for the bats”, we try to refute some of the general prejudices about bats, such as: bats suck blood, they get tangled up in hair, and the phrase 'blind as a bat'. The programme consists of short PowerPoint presentations to become more familiar with bats, and interesting thematic workshops (making origami bats, painting bat masks, making 3D bats from toilet paper rolls), and the  bat olympics.