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Grassy bells


Grassy bells is a plant that is endemic to the coastal areas of the Dinaric mountain range, and grows on rocky and sunny grasslands from the coast to high altitudes

In Krka National Park, we find the plant grassy bells (Edraianthus tenuifolius) on the rocky pastures at Žurića brdo and Roški slap. This is a low-growing perennial plant (height up to 15 cm), with tufts of densely hairy stems growing along the ground. The leaves are narrow and linear, and hairy along the edges. Leaves are 8 to 12 cm long, and about 1.5 mm wide. Bell-like flowers grow at the end of the stems, with several flowers aggregated in a cluster, surrounded by leaves that are wide and heart-shaped at the base, and narrow and pointy at the tip. The flower is a dark purple colour and blossoms in June and July. The fruit is a capsule with numerous seeds.