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Manojlovac waterfall

Just several hundred metres from the Burnum archaeological locality, the Manojlovac slap waterfall is found along the road Knin - Kistanje.

This is the third waterfall in the series, the tallest and considered by many to be the loveliest waterfall on the Krka River. The waterfall consists of a series of travertine barriers, with a total height of 59.6 m. The largest barrier is 32.2 m high.


The canyon around the waterfall is overgrown with lush sub-Mediterranean vegetation, with small fields and pastures lining the river. During periods of high waters, the waterfall crashes into the depths with a deafening noise, creating a veil of mist in a rainbow palette of colours. During the warmer part of the year, the waterfall is dry, as the water is channelled into the reservoir of the nearby Miljacka hydroelectric plant.


In 2011, the trail with viewpoint was cleared and reopened to visitors. At that time, a plaque in honour of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I was revealed, as it was at this very spot that the emperor, together with his wife Elizabeth, admired the beauty of Manoljovac slap.