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Miljacka slap

On the left bank of the river, just under the waterfall, is the Miljacka hydroelectric plant, the largest on the Krka River. Its construction began in 1904 and, until 1910, it was the most powerful hydroelectric plant in Europe.

One kilometre downstream from Rošnjak, squeezed in the riverbed between tall cliffs overgrown with lush sub-Mediterranean vegetation, is the Miljacka slap cascade. It is made up of three larger and numerous smaller travertine steps with a total height of 23.8 metres.

The upper portion of Miljacka slap is characterized by tufts and small caves, while the lower portion has small thresholds. The Krka River, through the Miljacka source, is connected to the course of the Zrmanja River. This source represents a direct connection between the Zrmanja and Krka Rivers and is a unique hydrogeological phenomenon. In the dry period, the minimum flow rate is approximately 2 m3/s. At the base of the cascades, on the right bank of the river, there are several destroyed mills and the waterworks for Kistanje; on the left bank is the Miljacka hydroelectric plant. The Miljacka hydroelectric station is the largest such plant on the Krka River. The construction of this station began in 1904. The first aggregate began operation in April 1906, and operations in its final scope began in 1907. Until 1910, it was the most powerful hydroelectric power plant in Europe. About a hundred metres downstream from the waterfall, on the right bank of the river, is the Miljacka II cave, a habitat for numerous endemic and protected subterranean animals. Among these species, the most attractive are the olm, considered to be an exceptional species in Europe, and the long-fingered bat, with a colony of over 4,000 individuals, one of the largest colonies in Europe.

From the Bukovac side, you can arrive at the falls via the road Knin-Kistanje by taking the turnoff onto the road Oklaj-Drniš, and turning at the first intersection to the Miljacka hydroelectric plant. From the Promina side, the road Drniš-Oklaj leads to the waterfall via the turnoff for the Miljacka hydroelectric plant after the village of Puljana. Reminder: access to the waterfall is not possible as the only access is through the grounds of the Miljacka hydroelectric plant.