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Other speleological structures outside the park boundaries

Other notable speleological structures near the national park are the pits Stara jametina and Martina jama.

Stara jametina is found east of the village of Koštana, near the settlement of Konjevrata. This is the deepest known pit along the course of the Krka River. It is 188 m long, and has been investigated to a depth of 85 m, as further study is not possible due to the very narrow fissures. Martina jama, though called a pit, is actually a cave with a vertical entrance. It is found on the right bank of the Krka Rvier, south of Skradin, near the village of Bićina.

The cave is 120 m long and 27 m deep. Flowstones of varying colour separate the underground cavern into two separate halls adored with stalagmites and stalactites. The halls are also richly ornamented with calcite structures of exceptional beauty, making this the most spectacular pit in the Krka River region.