Glavni izbornik

Izdvojeni sadržaji

Oziđana pećina and Jazinka

Traces of human settlements have been found in two caves, Oziđana pećina cave and Jazinka cave.

Oziđana pećina is situated on the left bank of the Krka River, just above Roški slap, near the very top of the canyon. The cave opens towards the southwest, in the middle of a 20 m high, vertical cliff. It was named after a stone wall (Oziđana pećina roughly translated means walled cave), a sort of rampart, constructed at the entrance into the cave. The cave is tunnel-shaped and is 59 m long, up to 7 m wide and 2.5 m high, with two ‘chimneys’ at the rear. Fragments of ceramic dishes, flint knives, stone tools, a large number of different animal bones, mussel shells and two skeletons of childhood age, dating back to the period of the Danilo culture, have been discovered within.

Jazinka cave is situated on the left bank of the Krka River, near the medieval fortress Nečven. The cave is a simple structure, 42 m long, up to 6 m wide and about 4 m high. Fragments of various ceramic dishes, animal bones, bronze arrows and bronze fibulas, and human bones dating to the transition between the Bronze and Early Iron Ages, have been unearthed here.