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Due to its primordial simplicity and mystical inaccessibility, the locals called it the Altar. Rošnjak is the smallest of the Krka waterfalls.

One kilometre downstream from the Manojlovac slap, where the canyon is deeper and narrower, hidden in pristine nature, is the smallest waterfall on the Krka River: Rošnjak (Sondovjel or Šundovi).

It is made up of one step that is approximately 40 metres wide and only 8.4 metres high. The most common travertine formations here are tufts and small caves. The waterfall is found in a picturesque canyon squeezed between nearly 200 metre tall cliffs. It is the only waterfall where mills were never constructed, due to its inaccessibility. Despite the fact that Rošnjak has been untouched by human hands and is accessible only to the eye, it is vulnerable to drying out in the warm months, when the water is rerouted to the Miljacka hydroelectric plant. In periods of high water, the waterfall at the bottom of the canyon gleams in loud fog and through its simplicity shows its true beauty. The mystical sight and its inaccessibility are most likely the reasons that people called it the “altar”.

The waterfall can be reach from the Bukovac side via the road Knin-Kistanje by turning onto the road Oklaj-Drniš and then turn towards the Miljacka hydroelectric power plant at the first intersection. From the Promina side, you can reach the falls via the road Drniš-Oklaj if you turn towards the Miljacka hydroelectric power station after the village of Puljana.