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Scorpion senna


The scorpion senna is a widely distributed deciduous plant that grows up to 1 m in height.

The scorpion senna (Coronilla emerus subsp. emeroides) is widely distributed in Croatia. In Krka National Park, it can be found in the deciduous forests and thickets, macchia, on the rocky pastures and on rocks. In young plants, the branches are thin but strong, with a smooth, green skin which becomes greyish-green in older plants.

Leaves are unevenly stipulate, made up of 7 to 9 egg-shaped, bare leaves that are light green in colour, and 1–2 cm long. The blossoms are yellow, with 5 to 7 clustered together into a tight spike, on a common stalk about 2 cm long. The calyx is olive green with small serrated edges.  The banner petal is an upside down egg shape, and often has some red colouring. The keel petals are bent upwards, with a long beak.

This plant flowers in May and June. The fruit is a chambered legume that does not open.