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Souvenir shop

If you want to keep your pleasant memories of Krka National Park, visit the souvenir shop and pick out the souvenir of your choice.

The souvenir shop is found at the old mill on Skradinski buk. The shop offers a wide selection of souvenirs: from replicas of old objects (woven bags, national caps, old jewellery and dishes) to more modern souvenirs (video cassettes, books, CDs about the park, etc.).

The souvenir shop at Roški slap also offers a wide selection of souvenirs. The souvenir shop also includes an information and presentation centre, where you can watch a film about Krka National Park, learn more about the park flora and fauna, and take a virtual walk through the park.

Payment is possible in cash (in Croatian kuna), credit cards (VISA, AMERICAN, DINERS and MASTERCARD) and by cheque.

The working hours of the souvenir shops are the same as the park hours.

Visit us to ensure that you do not leave Krka National Park without a souvenir as a memento or gift.

Thank you.