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Summer archaeological school


The Krka National Park, in cooperation with with the Municipal Museum of Drniš, the University of Bologna, and the Archaeology Department of the University of Zadar, has organized a summer archaeology school .

The school is a part of the Burnum Project since 2007, with the aim of contributing to the archaeological investigations and conservation of the Roman military camp at Burnum. 

The original intention of the archaeological school project was forcollege students and PhD candidates from Croatia and Italia to become acquainted with new techniques and methods of research and conservation, while the goal of joint investigation at the site was the location and excavation of structures within the military camp using so-called non-invasive investigative methods of research.

The International Summer School "Seeing Beneath the Soil" (sponsored by the Centro Studi per l’Archeologia dell’Adriatico, led by G. Sassatelli) places emphasis on the quality of the education of the student researchers to improve their professional abilities and prepare them for future employment in the archaeological profession. It also represents a chance to increase basic knowledge about technology and methods of investigation, so as to develop a common methodological vocabulary between the two shores of the Adriatic Sea.